How will Farmers2Market benefit my farm?

Farmers in Canada and the US use Farmers2Market to save time, increase farm productivity, increase sales orders, and promote their farming brand simply by offering their customers and their communities a consistent, convenient buying experience.  Farmers2Market helps your farm by giving your customers a simple, online experience similar to how other industry leaders have revolutionized the restaurant industry, hotels and consumer goods.

How much does it cost?

Farmers2Market in Canada and the US is free for Farmers to register and we charge only a nominal setup fee for your marketplace.  We do not charge any monthly or annual subscriptions and we do not hold you to a contract.   You can cancel your marketplace at any time without any penalties.  Our setup fees are to cover our costs for onboarding your business into our database and your on-boarder will teach you how to maintain your marketplace once it is all set up.  The only other fees incurred are the usual payment processing fees administered by the credit card processing company, Stripe and a nominal $0.35 per transaction fee Farmers2Market charges to cover our data hosting and overhead expenses.

What is a Market Item?

A market item is best categorized this way.  Let's say your farm specializes in a small niche market.  If you are a honey farmer who doesn't really have a large operation but you have a multitude of products to sell but only maybe 9 or 10 different product lines then the Micro Farm would best suit you.  Maybe your honey farm sells everyday use honey at $4.99 but have 5 different flavors also priced at $4.99, everyday use $4.99 honey qualifies as one market item but with 5 different flavors.  Your next item might be herbal honey priced at $9.99 but you have 8 different types of herbal honey all priced at $9.99.  Herbal honey priced at $9.99 is considered one market item with 8 different types of herbal honey.  If you have up to 10 distinctive (price based) marketable items and each of those marketable items have a multitude of flavors in the (price base) or characteristics then you qualify for the Micro Farm.  If you have up to 25 marketable items then you are considered a small farm production, up to 50 is a Medium sized farming operation and up to and over 100 marketable items places you into the Large sized farming operation.  

How long will it take to setup my farm?

We realize time is money and building your online market as fast as possible is paramount in your farm be noticed by consumers and products and services being purchased.  We can typically build and launch your online market in a minimum of 2 days and up to a maximum of 14 days dependent on how many marketable items you are selling.  The faster we can integrate easy ordering from your farming business via access to our geographically based web platform the better.  At that point you can start invoicing customers and / or customers can begin ordering on their own!

Our relationship with our farmers is the key to success for our farmers and ourselves.  We are here to support and serve our Farmers for the long-haul. We help you get setup, we then train you on how to readily manage inventory, customers and logistics. Our marketing platform is automated and efficient.

Our team is small but we are efficient and we are dedicated to ensuring the success of your farm.  Farmers2Market is our strength in online farm management marketing and sales and we are dedicated in ensuring we can effectively promote every farm in our platform.  If you see something is not working, we will work with you to identify what we can do to improve that situation.  If we need to add functions or integrate software solutions, our team will work with our programmers to build those ideas into the platform.  We are not perfect but we strive to offer an almost perfect solution that fits the needs of all of our farmers and consumers in our communities.

How do I get started?

We have Free Vendor signup online, create an account (email and password) farmers need to attach their farming or business license and then choose the plan that works for your business. Consumers signup for free and restaurants also signup for free but are required to upload a copy of their business license to receive farmer based discounts.  We will be in touch with you shortly after signing up your farm and we will start the Onboarding providing 1-on-1 onboarding support; thereafter an Account Manager will communicate with you regularly to ensure your farm and your business is functioning to the best of it's abilities.

Are there any other fees aside from the month to month or annual subscription?

There are the standard credit card payment processing fees administered by Stripe and a small $0.35 charge per invoice transaction administered by Farmers2Market to cover our data hosting and operational overhead expenses.

How do my customers pay?

Customers must create a free account so as to manage their profile and order history. Your customers can pay online with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, (US customers only Discover, Diners Club), and American Express). Money is processed and then deposited directly into your account once your customer has fully received their placed order.

Are there processing fees on credit card transactions?

Your Farm is responsible to pay a 2.9% + $0.30 fee for credit card payments, and a 1% fee for ACH payments. Farmers can offer customers (unlimited) pickup, direct delivery (option to add delivery fees) and / or shipping options. You can determine if Shipping fees are based on weight and / or price; fees vary based on shipping options in your area.

Does Farmers2Market charge commissions on sales?

No! We will NEVER charge a commission on Farmers’ products. Consumers do not pay any club membership fees nor will we charge any additional fees to the consumers. Farmers receive 100% of the price they post minus the credit card and administrative fees mentioned above.

Do you collect and remit taxes on my sales?

No, this is the full responsibility of the farmer to list taxes if applicable to their products and to remit any taxes charged and paid to them through the sale of their products or services.

How are payments accepted?

Farmers2Market uses Stripe for payment processing, payouts to sellers, and to support payment-related transactions such as refunds. Farmers2Market utilizes Stripe (for credit cards, refunds etc.) and Plaid (ACH authorizations and payments), which are fully integrated into our back-end; no separate login or account is required for your Farm.

Customer Credit Card and ACH purchases are processed through the Farmers2Market experience and money is routed directly into your bank account. You can track deposits, charge variable pricing, and remit partial or full refunds. Farmers are responsible for collecting and tracking paper check(s) and cash payments.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the partner we use to process credit card transactions; they are a standard payment solution across large online marketplaces and ecommerce sites. Stripe is a certified Level 1 Service provider—the most stringent certification regarding security, privacy and compliance.  You can learn more about Stripe at

How long does it take for customer payments to reach my bank account?

All payments are managed directly by our processor—Stripe. Monies are deposited directly into your bank account—Farmers2Market never takes possession of your funds. Timing varies depending on the payment method. Typically:
  • Once the consumer has received their purchased order whether delivered, picked up or shipped, payments will begin the processing stage.
  • Credit Cards: Timing can range from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Debit Cards: Timing can range from 24 hours to 5 days.
  • ACH: Typically post in 24 hours.
  • After 7 days all payments still being held for shipping or delivery purposes will be processed in the above mentioned timelines. 
  • Payments are deposited in batches on a rolling batches.

Are there wholesale options available for restaurants, grocers or retail stores?

Absolutely! Restaurants, grocers and retail stores can signup for FREE the same as consumers.  However, restaurants, grocers and retailers must provide proof of business by uploading a copy of their business license.  Why do we ask this?  We want to make sure our farmers understand the type of business their products are being shipped, delivered to or picked up from so that the farmers can establish a regular purchasing or subscription plan for that business.

My farm has a website but we don't offer online purchasing, how can Farmers2Market help?

We are not in the business of designing or building standalone websites but we can recommend some excellent organizations to assist you in that endeavor.  Where Farmers2Market can assist you is in building your online market platform and integrating it into your existing or soon to be developed website.  A web link will be created on your website pointing directly to your Farmers2Market online market platform and our Farmers2Market consumers will still see your farm and your online market when they do a geographically mapped search within your community.

I already sell my products and services on my website, why should I sign up with Farmers2Market?

Selling products and services, and building a thriving business takes much more than just a website. With millions of page views every month, we know that 65-75% of sales are completed on mobile and social media platforms. Whereas your Farm website, email and newsletters will account the other 25-35% of online sales.

Farmers2Market provides the resources to help you implement best practices to achieve your goals and building a thriving Farm business. SNtial Organics created Farmers2Market to provide a stronger marketing platform for farmers throughout Canada and the United States.  Farmers2Market is designed to develop and increased market share for farms of all types by investing strongly in online marketing and promotional programs aimed specifically at the many types of farms in our communities.  Because we operate in Canada and the United States, this means our consumer market when travelling for pleasure or business in Canada or the US will more than likely use the Farmers2Market platform during their travels.  What this means to our farmers is a much larger market and the ability to create lifetime customers simply by offering innovative selling options to those customers travelling so as to maintain their business even when they go back home.

Which countries and currencies are presently offered with Farmerts2Market?

Farmers2Market is currently operating in Canada and the United States.  Our Canadian customers and farmers will be charged and paid in Canadian funds and our US based customers and farms will be charged or paid in US funds.  Canadians can visit, US visitors can visit

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

You may elect to cancel your Farmers2Market monthly subscription at any time with at least 30 days written notice prior to the next billable period (whether your Farm chose a Monthly or Annual subscription plan). Note, early termination prior to the end of the then-current term does NOT entitle your Farm to any refund for the remainder of the term. See our Terms of Use for further details.

All of your Customer data and Order data is available for you to download into a *.CSV file at anytime while your subscription is still active. We encourage you to download all of your data prior to the effective date of termination. Thereafter, your data will no longer be accessible.

As of your effective date of termination, we will delete your online market. You can export certain content from your market into a *.XML file that may be useful if you decide to re-join the Farmers2Market platform in the future, however, any renewals will be subject to paying the setup fee as well as the monthly or annual charge.

Farmer Registration – No Commissions, No Markups and No Hidden Fees

Micro Farm

$69 per month

  • Up to 100 transactions per month
  • Month to month subscription, deactivate at any time
  • Unlimited products to sell
  • Secure Stripe payment portal
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • One time setup fee $249

Community Farm

$89 per month

  • Up to 250 transactions per month
  • Month to month subscription, deactivate at any time
  • Unlimited products to sell
  • Secure Stripe payment portal
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • One time setup fee $349

Production Farm

$129 per month

  • Up to 500 transactions per month
  • Umbrella marketing platform including monthly social media, email and website ad campaigns
  • Month to month subscription, deactivate at any time
  • Unlimited products to sell
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • One time setup fee $449

Scalable Farming

$179 per month

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Umbrella marketing platform including monthly social media, email and website ad campaigns
  • Month to month subscription, deactivate at any time
  • Unlimited products to sell
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • One time setup fee $549